Creative Cakes Getting Started


Creative Cakes Bakery is a theme for bakeries, cupcakeries, dessert cafes and pastry chefs working out of their homes. It’s light, fun with a touch of whimsy, yet professional.

Getting Started

Your download of the theme will be an archive file with a .zip extension. You will first need to extract the archive to a folder on your computer. Inside the folder you extract the files to, you will find the file to install your theme. You can install the theme by ftp or by using the WordPress Theme Installer (recommended).

WordPress Install:

  1. Open your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to Appearance > Themes. Click Install Themes tab, located at the top of the screen.
  3. Click Upload.
  4. Choose from the folder where you extracted the downloaded files.
  5. Click Install Now.

Install Theme

  1. Activate the theme


  1. Click on customize to being customizing or go to Appearence->Theme Setup to install additional functionality through plugins we’ve integrated into the design and/or recommend to enhance your site.

Theme Customizer

FTP Install (only needed if you are unable to use the WordPress Install above.:

  1. Extract the file into a folder. You should have a folder creative-cakes with all of the theme files inside.
  2. Connect to your website hosting account using an FTP client.
  3. Go to your default WordPress themes folder, and copy the entire creative-cakes folder into the themes folder. The default themes folder* is “wp-content/themes”, so you should now have “wp-content/themes/creative-cakes” on your server.

*This is the default but other configurations are possible, contact your web host or the person/company who installed WordPress for you if you are unable to locate your themes folder.

Home Page Setup

You can choose between a standard blog latest posts design for your home page or use Creative Cake’s Home Page template as shown in the theme demo.

To setup the home page template, you will first need to create add a New Page and set the Template to “Home Page” in the drop down. No content needs to be added as it will all be configured in the Theme Customizer and Widget sections.

Add Home Page

Next, set the Front page to display a static page and select the page you just created in the drop down menu.

You can set this in Settings->Reading.

Reading Settings


Or in the Theme Custmizer, Appearance->Customize

Theme Customizer

Your welcome message, “Our Bakery” in the demo, can be set in the Theme Customizer (Appearance->Customize).

Home Page Customizer Options


The “Featured Image” slider will automatically display the most recent 5 posts with featured images.  Set the featured image in the post edit screen.

Set Featured Image

The “From the Blog” post listing at the bottom of the home page will automatically display your most recent post.

Additional customizations to the home page can be made in Appearance->Widgets.

Home Page Widgets


Home Page Top – this widget area will replace the welcome message and featured slider with your own content.  Drag any widgets here that you prefer.

Home Page Middle – this widget area does not have any default content.  Use the “Creative Cakes Boxes” widget if you want to set up the content boxes similar to the demo.

Home Page Bottom – this defaults to the “From the Blog” post listing.  Use the “From the Blog” widget to select different options for displaying the posts in the list OR replace “From the Blog” with your own preferred widgets.

Page and Post Options

Comment Options

There are several ways to hide or disable comments on your posts and pages.

Per Page/Post Settings

The edit screen for each page or post you create has an options box that allows you to choose to enable or disable comments and pingbacks/trackbacks.

Discussion settings for individual pages and posts

If you do not see this option on the edit screen, you may need to enable it from Screen Options (top right of the screen).

Turn on Discussion in Screen Options


The next option allows you to disable comments site-wide and turn them back on per post/page if you want some of your posts/pages to have comments.

In wp-admin, select Settings->Discussion for options related to comments.

Discussion Options in wp-admin

The discussion options at the top allow you to have comments default to off for all future posts/pages.  Posts/Pages that you already have created will continue to have comments open.  If you have existing comments they will still exist and continue to display.

Hide Comments on Pages/Posts

The above options are both basic WordPress options.  Creative Cakes also has a theme option to hide the comment area from disable that can be set for all posts and/or all pages.  This removes the comment form and any comments, trackbacks and pingbacks from display regardless of the other 2 settings described above.

You will find the setting in the Theme Customizer.

Theme Customizer Link

Expand the menu option on the left “Comments”.  You will see check boxes to enable/hide comments for posts and for pages.  Be sure to save your changes once you have this and any other theme customizer options to your preference.

Hide comments in theme customizer

Supported Plugins

Ninja Forms (including imports for demo forms)



Order Form

Creative Cakes’ order form page is built with Ninja Forms and an import file is included with our demo content so that you can import and customize the form to suit your own business.

If you haven’t installed Ninja Forms yet, you can search for and install it through Plugins->Add New or get a direct link for install in Appearance->Theme Setup.

Click on Forms->Import/Export in the wp-admin menu.

Ninja Forms Import/Export

Click on Choose File in the import a form box.  Browze to the demo content folder of the unzipped creative cakes package you purchased.  Select the import file Order-08-01-2013.nff (the date/numbers may change for different versions of the theme package).  Click the Import Form button to finish the import.

Ninja Forms Import


Now the import form will be available in Forms->All Forms.  The second column shows the shortcode you need to insert the form into your order page.  You will probably also want to edit your form settings to setup a personalized thank you message, send emails to yourself and to users who submit your forms.  You can learn more about these settings from the Ninja Forms documentation.

Ninja Forms All Forms


Copy the shortcode above and create or edit the page you want to include the order form in.  Paste the shortcode and publish to see the form.

Insert Ninja Forms Shortcode

Finally, to add configure the “price tag” link to point to your new form, go to the Theme Customizer (Appearance->Customize).  Click on the Price Tag section and input the link for your order page and the text you want to display as the link.  Be sure to Save your changes when done.

Price Tag Theme Option


Contact us through our support form.

Sources & Credits

Creative Cakes includes:

Photo Credits: Photos are copyright of photographer Nicole Hylton. The photos in the demo are used as holding images only, so if you’re interested in using her photos for your website, please contact her at


= 0.1.5 =
Added update nofications

= 0.1.4 =
New option on From the Blog widget to display post featured images in 3 or 4 columns
Favicon bug fix
CSS bug fixes
Widget debug error message bug fix

= 0.1.3 =
Option to display or hide comments on pages and/or posts
Added Soliloquy Slider integration

= 0.1.2 =
Added Ninja Forms integration.
Import files for demo forms included.
Formidable integration is deprecated but not removed.

= 0.1.1 =
Fixes to some css styles for forms
Added featured image to default post template
Added post-no-featured-image template

= 0.1.0 =
Initial Release.