1. Hi, Jenny:

    since I brought this theme of printing shop a month ago, I am wondering if you have to upgrade both Printing Shop and Soliloquy. or I have to purchase “soliloquy pro” in order to replace “the slider images” at my home page. I would appreciate it if you could give a quick reply since i am working on my website for “full time”




    • You should keep both printing shop and soliloquy upgraded to the latest available version but you do not need soliloquy pro. Once you have created the slideshow you want in soliloquy you can set the slideshow to display on the home page in the Customizer settings. If you need further help with this, please email support. Thanks.


  2. hi, I’m from Spain, I can buy this product and add Spanish language?
    the Uploads is performant, is special to not lose the resolution of printable ??
    I do not know …, I’m new in this “world”, hire a professional to do an online store like this, worth a lot of money, and found a job I like.
    Please before buying, you can confirm me more specifics on this store if full, I need something more to buy, have billing modules ?? more specifics please! thanks
    pardon my English is low level

  3. Paul Hayler

    Hi I would like to develop child theme using compass/sass the assets folder seems to missing bits are these available?


    • Hi Paul,

      We already talked through support but I just thought I would answer you here for anyone else who may be reading.

      Yes, full development files including Sass are available to theme purchasers on request.



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